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How to Prepare a Case for IPDA Debate

Intro: 1 to 2 sentences introducing the topic


Russia must be stopped from its aggression—it has attacked Ukraine, Georgia, Syria and threatens other countries.

I stand: state the resolution exactly as worded


I stand “Resolved: Economic sanctions against Russia are justified.”

I define: define only key terms


I define economic sanctions as _____.

My framework: explain with reasons what the most important issue will be in the debate.

My framework is: Avoiding war is most important because war kills people, leaves people homeless, and threatens people’s lives.

INCLUDE 1 or 2 CONTENTIONS directly supporting or rejecting the resolution—with each contention connected to the framework.

THE ARGUMENTS SHOULD GIVE REASONS—explain in what ways it is a problem; explain why the resolution solves the problem; etc.

--Try to include a citation to an expert/study/web page at least once for each argument.

IMPACT EACH CONTENTIONshow it is important and show it meets your framework.


I. Russia threatens war

Russia has supported rebels in Ukraine with weapons and troops to fight and kill Ukrainians. Aurel Braun. Writer at World Affairs. July/August 2014 has noted that this is a threat to not just Ukraine but also to any country neighboring Russia. Millions of lives depend on peace and protection from Russian aggression.

II. Economic Sanctions halt Russia.

Iana Dreyer and Nicu Popescu. Writers at European Union Institute for Security Studies. December 2014 have noted sanctions work. Sanctions have cut Russia’s finances for engaging in war. Sanctions have hurt Russia’s international standing and made them less likely to want to go to war. Sanctions have forced Putin and Russia to engage in peace talks. This is critical to peace and to prevent war.

Conclude: 1 sentence asking the judge to vote for your case.


I urge you to vote affirmative to prevent Russian aggression. Economic sanctions are justified.





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