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What to do



VERY short intro. List out the 2 or 3 main voting issues.

What are the voting issues? Typically the contentions in the debate—sometimes combined together into 1 voting issue.


Again economic sanctions are good—they do protect western interests. We’ve shown that sanctions first, stop aggression, second, help the European economy, and third, they do not cause human rights violations in Russia.


For each voting issue . . .



Voting Issue Argument

Make an argument for YOUR side of the debate.



First voting issue is Economic Sanctions stop Russian aggression.

Explain your Reasons

Show the reasons you have presented in previous speeches supporting your voting issue argument.


We have shown the sanctions reduce money for Russia’s military; that the sanctions weaken the hardliners in Russia so they won’t attack, and that the sanctions distract Russia from taking aggressive action.


Respond to key opponent arguments that might undermine your voting argument

Be sure to state your opponent’s arguments VERY concisely—4 to 6 words if possible. Be sure to state the opposite of what they argument and show why you disproved their response.



They tried to argue that sanctions upset Russia so they become more aggressive. I showed that sanctions do not cause Russia to be aggressive—the sanctions empower moderates to stop aggression.

Sum up and Impact your argument.

Show how your argument meets the framework and is important.



The sanctions do stop Russian aggression and we showed in our framework that stopping Russian aggression is the most important issue in this debate. It is a matter of preventing war and of keeping the peace to solve many problems in the world.

After the voting arguments . . .



Weigh arguments

Show your arguments are more important than opponent arguments even if the other side wins some/most of its arguments.

Even if the negative shows sanctions hurt Europe—we still show stopping Russian aggression is more important, that Russian aggression is a bigger threat to the economy, and that Europe can handle the small economic hit it is taking.







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