How to Respond to Arguments


What to do



State their argument/contention in as few words as possible

--do not restate the reason(s) they offered for their argument



They said Sanctions would anger Russia into backlash


State Your Response

--almost always you state the opposite of their argument

--in a few cases, you say “that isn’t important because”

--in a few cases, you say “my proposal is the best way to address this because . . .”

--in a few cases, you say “yes, this argument proves my case because . . .”



Sanctions will not anger Russia into backlash

Make your arguments

INCLUDE at least 2 arguments

FOR EACH RESPONSE, include 5 to 9 word argument tag, and 1 to 2 sentences giving a reason for the argument.

TRY TO MAKE AN “I’M ON THE OFFENSE” RESPONSE where you show how your side is better



1. Russia won’t backlash

They know that if they escalate the situation, it will only get worse for them


2. Russia won’t be angered

They know their actions were provocative and so they had to expect sanctions.


3. Sanctions prevent Russian backlash

Sanctions mean Russia does not have the money to backlash—they won’t have the military supplies to do anything serious.