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Do you want to Participate in our Award Winning Speech and Debate Program?      

Speaking and debating are a valuable part of a Bellevue College experience, providing hands-on experience with critical thinking, knowledge of the world, and written and oral expression. A diverse group of students from a variety of academic approaches, whether in sciences or humanities, are welcome members of our program.  With many opportunities for collaborative work, along with individualized coaching, our program will you build speaking and debating skills, all in a supportive environment. We encourage you to join us!





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I joined the speech and debate team at Bellevue College because it is an inclusive program that allows students to expand their general understanding of the world and increase their vocabulary, while permitting participants to socialize and enjoy the college atmosphere.

  --Gebriel Amare


TO PARTICIPATE, email Tony Penders at


--State your first and last name


--State any speaking/debating experience

·        If you have no experience—you are very welcome to join—many beginners start in college and go on to great success.

·        If you have a little, some, or a lot of experience—that’s great too—we want you!

·        Is English your second language? GREAT. We want you on our team—you’ll improve your English speaking!


--that’s it; Tony will get back to you, welcoming you, providing more information and answers to any questions you might have.



We hope you have a terrific quarter at Bellevue College and that you will join us!

Care about Social Justice Issues?

Speech and Debate gives you the chance

to learn about and advocate on

important issues.








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Questions about the team? Contact Tony Penders at

Questions about web page? Contact Jim Hanson, Web Person